• If you got the skills and the passion, be part of our family!


    Sales and Marketing Team Leader


  • Profile

    I am Hannah Faye T. Ayala, 28 years old, born and raised in Cebu City. I graduated from the University of San Carlos in 2013 with the major BS Psychology. I was first introduced to the company in 2014. I worked with them for nearly a year, then I got hired in an airline as a Cabin Attendant. A year and a half later, in 2016, I came back to my first corporate home, Team AK English. 5 years later, today, I am still with the company despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

  • 入社動機

    The greatest motivation for me to go back to this company 5 years ago were the relationships I have built with everyone in this family. I have not met a team that is so fun and positive to work with, which makes work feel like it’s not work. Working with positive people and in a healthy working environment is a big factor for employees to stay and be happy with their career.

  • 業務内容・働き方 Sales and Marketing Team Leader

    Most days, I contact clients, set appointments, do photoshoots, and create write-ups. For every new issue, I lead the group meeting for brainstorming of new, fun and creative ideas to make our magazine entertaining for our readers. Since I’m part of the sales and marketing department, other than above-mentioned tasks, I am also expected to find paying clients and increase the sales of the company.

  • 仕事のやりがい

    I used to be a Cabin Attendant in the country’s leading low-cost airline: Cebu Pacific. I worked there for a year and a half, exposing me to the life of being in the travel and customer service industry, which greatly contributed to the person and the skills I have now.

  • アドキットの魅力

    In Team AK English, from the name itself, we work as a team and that leads us to achieve greater things for the company. This team is like family, so employees come to work happy because of the positive people and healthy work environment.

  • これからの目標

    My goal is to introduce Cebu Sakura to more business owners, locals, and foreigners. I want to help make Cebu Sakura the leading Japanese advertising company in Cebu. I wish for the company to adapt to the changing world today due to the advance of technology, and see the company soon create its own mobile app since the world is going paperless these days.

  • 応募者へむけてのメッセージ

    If you got the skills and the passion, be part of our team/family! Looking forward to learn from you, and to build a positive professional relationship with you.


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